Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fast and Furious

Watched Fast and Furious over the weekend, and boy was a I exhilarated, the movie was awesomest. It made its predescor bite dust literally. Personally rate it a 9.5 over a 10 scale. The .5 taken off for making the movie too short - 1 hr 30 minutes!! thats too small for a great movie like this.
But on a serious take, this movie made me a bit sqeaumish, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker drove beautifully on the street, the desert and the tunnel, and I am here who has trouble reversing my car! Yeah! yeah.. I am still in the nascent stage of driving.

Its not too often that girls like me get called a 'Blonde', pretty - hmm... yes, may be, but dumb..ah-ah.. no way. But my brother has thrown this liberally at me everytime I take the driver's seat and I can only grunt under my breath.
To begin with, when I said I wanted to learn how to drive, my cousins generously offered advice to hire an auto or cab instead of wrecking an automobile, ah! what modtivation!! And then, absolute loss of traffic sense, its been quite sometime that I have rode a bike in our city road, and then goddamn-it there are so many things to take care of while driving, how does anyone expect a brain to process so much information in such less time and act quickly too!! Well anyway, I am not fast or furious enough to give up driving, not yet.

PS: What was I doing for past 2 months, well a great friend of my brothers shared about a hundred movie dvds and I have been watching them all back to back.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Went out to buy Underworld-3 cd, instead bought Australia, and watched it last weekend. There's nothing too good or bad about the movie, its just about nice.

I enjoyed watching Nicole Kidman change from a pesky,uptight Lady to a cattle station owner, Mrs.Boss. This reminded me so much of Scarlet in Gone with the wind, and wow! what a replacement for Clark Gable, Hugh jackman is all eyes for, he seems a bit old though, the huge mass of muscle hez built is probably for his new movie Wolverine(which i am eagerly waiting to watch).

The other best part of the movie I loved was the references made to Wizard Of Oz, the Song - Rainbows and Dreams, and a glimpse of Judy Garland. (Check out the right bottom of this page for the song).
Overall not a bad movie, you will enjoy it if you are fascinated by 1900's type of classics, cowboys and the English.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Premieres - Ghajini and CC2C

Earlier I had written about why I like to watch movies on the first day . You go in the theatre with absolutely unadulterated thoughts about the movie, and you hope that it will be a paisa vasool.
It was either one of the above for both the recent movies I watched - Ghajini and CC2C.

I had previously seen the Telugu(originally Tamil dubbed into Telugu) version of Ghajini, and I was pretty glad with the experience, except for the fact that I knew only survivable amount of Telugu and the climax was unbearably ridiculous. I went to Aamir's Ghajini a month ago, with the same hope that the movie would be good and prayed he would polish the movie a bit especially the ending, which he did. The rest of the movie stayed true to its predecessor, but no qualms from my side, I just loved Asin, can't imagine a Mallu pulling off Hindi dialogues with such ease. Am sure she will go a long way.
This movie was sure a full paisa vasool.

Last week I went to the Chandini Chowk to China premiere, and I wished big time to have read the reviews before venturing into the hall. But alas, that was not the case. I had fallen for the movie marketing, what with all the hype of Kung-fu filled hindi flick, with tall and slender Deepika kicking some butt, and the legendary Shaolin hero Gordon Liu being the baddie ( I mean I thot if the villan is such a good kungfu fighter then the hero would be better and the fights would be amazing), I sure did fall for this movie.
But not for too long, 30 minutes into the movie, I was hoping the next reel would be better, and that never happened. The movie could not stay focused with one element, either stick to pure slapstick comedy (with Akki doing some weird cosmic thumb attack) or stick to emotional drama( drag of Mithunda, and the separated twins). One cannot emote to both these diametrically opposite scenarios, and I found myself cursing more and more with every passing minute. Shradz sms at the time about her blog Stepney made the matter even worse.

Anyway, the day was not all bad, we did have fun with a bucket of popcorn, ice cream, chips and some passing remarks on the way back. This is what you get when you go out with the family be it to a premiere or not or a paisa-vasool or not.

PS: CC2C has not bogged my spirits, planning to get ticks for Raaz this Fri :)


Monday, December 22, 2008

MTV Makeover

MTV has gotten itself a makeover, its more colourful and the framespace is well utilized for the logo on top-right, new-shows ad on the top left, marquee tickr on the bottom. I would give a full 10 on 10 for the look. But what it lacks is the quality in the shows it airs.

DND - Discover and Download has replaced the SuperSelect, this is definitely a good watch, though if you are a Internet junkie, you might be discovering more cool sites and downloading more fun stuff yourself than taking a hint from Niks.

I was a huge fan of Raghu and Roadies, I remember every Sat 7Pm last year, Shradz and I would watch it together and chat about it over SMS. I was hugely disappointed in everything that followed the much enjoyable auditions. The roadies were a bunch of losers, the tasks were lame, and the worst- roadies who couldn't ride a Bike, wasn't this show supposed to be all abt bikers??!! Quite expectantly I don't carry the same enthu to watch a whole new episode of Roadies - Hell down under coz I am sure, no matter how Raghu and Rajiv ridicule the contestants they will manage to pick the lamest of them all as roadies.

The other day I caught up on Gtalk, ex-roadies Shambhavi and Anmol host this show in weird costumes, I wonder if they decided to replace Mia, anyway this is yet another lame show with 2 blondes talking about things that doesn't concern you even in your wildest dreams!! May be the reason I hate this show is the fact that both these gals were the meanest foulmouthed characters on earlier Roadies. Is this the kind of message we want to spread - to be mean, arrogant and you get to be famous, what happened to all that "honesty is the best policy" motto that we studied when we were kids, I think its high time we go back to Moral Science books.

PS: I would give my 2 cents if they could play some good music at length in the least.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

When will we learn?

I get down from an auto, walk upto the gates of the hotel I am staying in and the security guards asked me to have my bags checked. I am delighted, and more than glad to oblige.
Seconds later,
A firangi gets down an auto, walks upto the gates, and security guys wish him a "Good evening, sir!!" and lets him in without any baggage check!!!

Talk about geared up security after experiencing a nightmare just weeks earlier. I was staying up in Taj, Pune.!!! Gawd, when will we learn.